GEBRÜDER SPECHT | Schiffahrt seit 1874


Expertise, dependability, integrity and innovation. Our word is our bond.

„My word is my bond” is the motto of the London Stock Exchange. It is also the expression of a principle that we as shipbrokers subscribe to unreservedly. True to its Hanseatic roots and traditions, Gebrüder Specht Schifffahrt closes the deals and agreements it brokers first on the basis of the spoken word, and then fixes them in written agreements.

As a shipbroker, we have the best interests of our customers at heart, be they shippers or shipowners. We understand our partners' motives and lines of reasoning; that's why we are at pains to ensure that the agreements we broker are acceptable to all parties concerned. We are realists, which means we are always candid about future risks and opportunities.

We pursue the interests of our shareholders and investors by making the best possible use of our considerable expertise in the worldwide shipping-services sector. When we undertake to arrange an investment in a vessel, our aim is always to maximize the owner's earnings. Expertise, dependability, integrity and openness are the values on which our company philosophy is based. Our operational style is in keeping with these values, and is characterized by the balance Gebrüder Specht maintains between continuity and innovation.

As far as we're concerned, the real measure of our own success is the success of our customers. A keen awareness of their requirements and the ability to mobilize our resources on their behalf guarantee the provision of efficient, customized service solutions.

As our company logo indicates, we have been active in the shipping sector since 1874. References to past performance can also be pledges for the future: certainly, it is our intention to abide by our established principles, seize the opportunities that present themselves, and meet challenges with energy and enthusiasm.