GEBRÜDER SPECHT | Schiffahrt seit 1874



The Second World War once again brought Gebrüder Specht to the point of collapse, but the company had managed to maintain some key international relationships, and it did not take long to revive its fortunes in the post-war years. In the meantime, the firm had now passed down to the fourth generation. Together with a reliable and experienced team of staff members, Christian, Hans and Eduard Walter Specht succeeded in re-establishing, and indeed building on, the company's pre-war reputation as a provider of ship-management services.

The prospering German economy served as a springboard for continuing commercial success, and it was decided the company should expand into new business fields. Strategic planning was directed towards extending core areas of competence, and generally broadening the scope of the services on offer. In line with this new strategy, Gebrüder Specht took over the Schäding packaging company and the Emil Ipsen forwarding company in Bremen, and in Hamburg it acquired the Pott + Körner shipbroking business. These three acquisitions marked the company's first decisive steps towards repositioning itself in the rapidly growing international-transport sector.

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