GEBRÜDER SPECHT | Schiffahrt seit 1874


From the Beginning

The firm expanded rapidly up until the outbreak of the First World War, but was forced to make a new beginning when peace finally returned to Europe. However, it had managed to maintain some very useful business contacts, and before long Gebrüder Specht had re-established its credentials as a provider of shipbroking services, a sale and purchase broker, a shipowning company, and as an agent for other shipping lines. Within a short time, the company had built up a customer base that included well-known shipping companies such as Norddeutsche Lloyd Bremen; DDG "Hansa", Bremen; K.N.S.M. - Amsterdam; Lykes Lines, New Orleans; HSDG Hamburg-Südamerikanische Dampfschiffahrts-Gesellschaft; Eggert & Amsinck, Hamburg; Svenska Orient Linien, Göteborg; A/B Svenska Östasiatiska Kompaniet, Göteborg; and, Deutsche Orient Linie, Hamburg.

Now that the company's shipping activities were so well established, it also began to trade in coal and other fuels. Christian Specht's three sons, Walter, Heinz and Hans, became company partners and played a major role in the running of Gebrüder Specht right up until the seventies.

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