GEBRÜDER SPECHT | Schiffahrt seit 1874


Shipping since 1874.
A review of an eventful past and future prospects

As the company logo makes clear, Gebrüder Specht has been in shipping since 1874. It is understandably proud of its eventful history - and of having weathered the storms that have confronted German shipping companies over the past 130 years. In 1874, Johann Philipp Specht and his brother Johannes established a shipping company in Bremen. It traded under the name of Gebrüder Specht, and as a firm of shipbrokers that also owned its own vessels, and acted as an agent for other shipping lines, it soon established a solid reputation for itself. In 1901, Christian Specht, Johann Philipp's son, joined the company after having worked for five years in London and Singapore.

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