GEBRÜDER SPECHT | Schiffahrt seit 1874

Ship Management

All Aboard!

For Gebrüder Specht Schiffahrt GmbH & Co KG, „All Aboard!” is more than a standard response to a roll call. For us, „All Aboard!” means having a full complement of real professionals in place - both on land and at sea. A busy shipping line needs a highly motivated and well-qualified team if it is to remain on course for success. The tasks our staff have to deal with range from the purchase of ships to the recruiting of crews, from the technical and nautical management of vessels to assuring the optimized functioning of worldwide supply chains.

We provide assistance with the drawing up of investment prospectuses in connection with shipbuilding projects, with the working out of operational concepts, with all the formalities accompanying the launch of a newbuilding, and with the management of vessels on the high seas. We are on hand to lend assistance in fair weather and foul, to guide you through the shallows and sandbanks of red tape, to sort out insurance, to guarantee compliance with international safety and quality-management standards, and to provide technical and commercial support for ships in service. And when the time is ripe, we will help you with the sale of your vessel.

Gebrüder Specht Schiffahrt GmbH & Co KG offers the following ship-management services:

  • Purchase of vessels (including, if necessary, project conception), supervision of shipbuilding projects, and the financing of vessels
  • Provision of technical and commercial support for vessels in service, and afterwards assistance with their sale
  • Chartering and operation of vessels
  • Recruitment of crews
  • Insurance placement
  • Processing of damage claims
  • Assuring compliance with ISO/ISM/ISPS standards
  • Financing

Gebr. Specht Schiffahrt GmbH & Co KG has been providing cutting-edge ship-management services since 1874, and will continue to do so in the future.

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